CySEC warning about the circulation of misleading emails

CySEC warning misleading emails

Many brokers and/or investment services firms often engage in dubious and shady practices during their promotional campaigns, which in several instances contain information that is not valid and therefore misleading, thus trying to lure potential customers under false pretenses.

Through an announcement dated 7 April 2016, CySEC, the Cyprus watchdog warns the public about the circulation of misleading emails that make reference to CySEC. More specifically, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission mentions that it has come to its attention that various emails are being circulated, which appear to originate from a certain financial consulting company registered in Israel and falsely claim that CySEC endorses that particular company.

In view of this and wanting to warn the investment public accordingly, “CySEC would like to stress that it does not recommend or promote the cooperation among any companies or professionals, and encourages the public not to take into consideration or be entrained by such emails.”


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