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Regulations and Licensing

The binary options industry has exploded recently, more so than anyone could have expected. Even with the world still being deep in a financial downturn the forecasts for the future of the industry see its market share quadrupling in the next twelve months. One can only imagine what these forecasts would be in a healthy economic climate. With such an increased interest in binary options some countries are moving to provide official regulation and licensing for this new trading vehicle that so many citizens are interested in, as much to protect their interests from unscrupulous behaviour than anything else.
As mentioned, the first country to do this was Cyprus’s Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Malta is likely to be the second, but Japan is also rumoured to be in the process of setting up its own regulatory framework. Binary options are enormously popular in Japan and after a few run-ins with the industry over the past year, it seems Japan now wants to make the most of the investment opportunities these Binary Options brokers represent, whilst still protecting the interests of its citizens.
This will be a very interesting situation to monitor as it progressed. Even with the growth the binary options industry has already had, it seems as though the only way is up for it. We anticipate some big shake-ups in 2013. Stay posted and thank you for reading.