Monday, November 19, 2018
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Forex Trading by Country

Many traders prefer to trade forex via brokers headquartered in the trader’s home country. This is understandable since opening a forex trading account with a “compatriot” removes any communication obstacles, such as the language barrier or time zone differences, while it gives investors the extra sense of security associated with thrusting your money to a local firm that has an office in your hometown or at least your own country, employing real people there with whom you will engage as a customer. Obviously this is makes one feel more confident and comfortable to invest in forex trading, than setting up a completely impersonal virtual account or choosing a broker that is located on the other side of the planet! And in the event that something goes wrong in your relationship with your broker and you will need to resort to the local market regulators or the authorities for advice, assistance or protection, then obviously you would rather do this in your own country.

Here at we are completely aware of all the above mentioned considerations and while not ignoring the true global, transnational nature of online retail forex trading, we have prepared specialized country reports about the forex landscape in various countries to help you gain a better understanding of the forex market situation in the country of your preference and provide you with useful pointers to help make your investment in online forex trading successful. Below you will find detailed reports for each country listed. In case your country of interest is not included, people come back soon as the list is being updated regularly or send us an email informing us of the country report you are after. Local regulatory frameworks, background information, trusted forex brokers, all these and much more are included in each country report. So, delve in and be in the know!

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