Fundamental Analysis: What Every New Trader Should Know

Fundamental Analysis - Binary Options Trading
Fundamental Analysis - Binary Options Trading

Part 1: Introduction

A great deal has been written about fundamental analysis and how it can be a binary trader’s most incisive tool when analysing the markets. Broadly speaking, fundamental analysis is the study of all the external factors that affect the value of an underlying asset. Read More…

Part 2: How China Affects the Markets

No guide on fundamentals can possibly overlook the role that China plays in world trade today. Not only does China possess the world’s largest population (around 1.3 billion), it is now the world’s second largest economy while still being classified as a developing country. Read More…

Part 3: Understanding Growth

Even the greenest traders can’t help but recognise that the two most important valences on the world’s markets are either growth or the lack thereof, which is referred to as an economic slowdown. This dynamic is responsible for the overwhelming amount of activity on the world’s markets as well as contributing to the way the fortunes of a nation are affected either positively or negatively. Read More…

Part 4: Gold Relationships.

The most common piece of information you’re likely to find out about gold is that it is regarded as a safe-haven in times of economic turmoil. Often referred to as a “risk-aversion basket”, the precious metal tends to attract investment when traders are either worried about imminent inflation, or a broader financial crisis. Read More…

Part 5: The U.S Dollar

The U.S Dollar is by far the most traded currency in the world. This is due to it being the World’s reserve currency and either the base or the quote in all of the major currency pairs. In other words if you’re trading forex, or alternatively taking out binary options on currency pairs, then USD will figure heavily throughout you trading day. In fact trading almost anything touches, however tangentially, upon the greenback. Read More…


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