Trusted Forex Brokers Compared

Which forex broker is the best for you? A difficult question to answer and it becomes even more difficult with the abundant Forex brokers out there claiming to be just that, the best! But we all know this cannot be so in all cases, so we have crafted this table, in order to put to your fingertips and at your disposal an interactive comparison of forex brokers, which not only provides you with detailed information in just a glance, but also gives you direct access to our own detailed reviews for each broker.

Broker Open Account
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Key To Comparison Table


Provides a very brief description of the basic facts concerning each broker.


Identifies the financial regulatory authorities, which have licensed the operations of each broker.

Trading Platform

Indicates the trading platform types available to traders through each broker.

Min account size

Pinpoints the minimum account size necessary for a trader to be able to place a trade on each platform type available through each broker.

Min lot size

Signifies the minimum required size for each transaction to be able to be carried out through each broker, in terms of standard units of the base currency.


Shows by how many times a trader can gear his account greater than the current total account margin, which allows the magnification of gains, but also does the same to losses!


Denotes the difference between the sell quote and the buy quote or the bid and offer price, which applies for each platform type, through each broker.

Payment options

Lists the payment methods accepted by each broker.

Need Help With Selecting Your Forex Broker?

Our Educational Center and other articles posted on are a valuable source of tips, advice and views on selecting a broker that will meet your needs. Therefore, besides the comparison table, make sure you also browse through our other relevant content before commiting to open an account with a particular Forex broker.

In an effort to make your life easier when taking the difficult decision and choosing the Forex broker that is most suitable and appropriate for you, has devised this neatly presented, interactive, comparison table, which not only summarizes the main features of each broker in just one row of essential data, but also includes three useful links.

By clicking on the “read review” link you acquire instant access to the review posted on about the particular broker you have selected. This detailed review represents our opinion about each Forex brokerage included on our table.

If you are particularly interested in one specific broker and would like to get a full view of what is going for them, including all their news, events and promotions, then simply click on the “broker news” link.

Lastly, once you have selected your favourite Forex broker and you feel ready to start trading through them, then click on the “Open Account” button in that broker’s row. Bear in mind that if you reach the broker by clicking on our link, this automatically qualifies you to receive the exclusive bonus that our visitors are entitled to with each specific broker.

Although we strive to update all the information included on the table constantly, the lucrative Forex industry is so rapidly developing and evolving that it is perhaps impossible to always being able to keep up to pace. Therefore, cannot assume responsibility for any errors or omissions in the data provided here.

NOTE: We are constantly updating our Trusted Forex Brokers Comparison table so that it reflects which firms we feel are the current best Forex Brokers for 2013.