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Binary Options Wire is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to successfully trade binary options. Binary options are a relatively new financial instrument that is revolutionising trading. With binary options you only need to concern yourself with the direction of an underlying asset’s movement, either “up” or “down”, rather than the magnitude of the change. Traders are turning to binary options in their droves due to the simplicity, pre-calculated risk and the convenience of having access to a range of tradable assets all in one place. At Binary Options Wire we are here to help with anything you may need regarding the trading of binary options.

Browse our educational section for all you want to know about this innovation in trading. Keep up to date with the markets in our daily news breakdown, hone your trading strategy with our specialist articles and when you are ready to trade with your own money pick a firm from our list of top binary options brokers. In addition BinaryOptionsWire helps you find the best guaranteed binary options bonus online. We list all the exclusive online sign-up bonuses under one roof! Check out the latest bonuses and promotions from the top Binary Options and Forex brokers who are offering free cash signing bonuses, free trades and more.

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