Binary Options Brokers Awards – Online voting form

Online voting form

Please fill in the fields below each question with the name of the broker of your choice. Please note that there is also a blank comments’ field at the end of the form, where you are encourage to leave any other feedback you want.

Based on your experience as a binary options trader, which broker is the best in terms of:

· The interface and design of the broker’s website

· The user-friendliness and functionality of the broker’s platform/platforms

· The ease, safety and speed of the registration process

· The variety of account types offered

· The smooth, secure and trusted banking procedures, including deposits and withdrawals

· The number of tradable assets offered

· The variety of trading types and instruments featured and their profitability

· The additional tools and functionalities granted to customers

· The quality and quantity of trading materials and opportunities clients are provided with

· The quality of support the broker gives client, including the promptness, politeness and efficiency of its customer service department

· The bonuses, promotions and other special offers available

· The overall professionalism, respect, ethos and responsiveness to your needs exemplified by the broker