Are binary options the biggest scam ever?

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    Jane Knox

    Hi all,

    I’ve been reading what Philip Masters has been puting up on this site in the last few days and i am completely perplexed! It seems what this resident expert is well read and researched and his revalations are painful for us all who completely feel betrayed by all the binary options brokers out there trying to trick us. I for one feel victimised and it sucks! Thanks to binary options wire for having the guts to publish this material. Please keep them coming in.

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    Jamie Parker

    I’m sorry Jane but I wouldn’t be so quick to praise this site for its newly adopted stance. I mean if all this is true, then why have they not said so earlier? Why have they kept us in the dark for months, and encouraged us through their content to trade binary options? No offense to them directly or anyone else for that matter but how do we know there is nothing fishy in this change of heart? I would be more inclined to a wait and see approach on this one, instead of jumping the gun and sending out gratitude notes…

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    Jane Knox

    I beg to differ on this one with you Jamie. I think perhaps you haven’t been reading what Philip Masters has been explaining very carefully. The man came clean from the beginning and apologised for any views he had expressed in the past and he also apologised on behalf of the site for the material they had published before. He seems to be calling the shots at binary options wire now and the site people either trust him completely or appear to be condoning his views if not agreeing with him 100%. I for one think he is honest because he has also admitted to being tricked and lured by the sirens of binary options trading himself. So, I insist that some praise is rightfully due here. But, then again, this is simply my personal opinion.

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    George Smith

    I will have to side with Jamie on this one. Perhaps this guy has a hidden agenda. Maybe he is even working for a forex broker and tries to dismantle the dynamic that seems to evolve around binary options trading online. Trust no one is my motto. Only I decide how, when and where to risk my money, and if I fail at times I am man enough to take it.

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    Jane Knox

    Man enough? Excuse me George but is this sexism and sascasm on your behalf both at the same time? I dont get you people… and i think i actually took offence now. It’s not that i expect people to agree with me, but i think that some civility and respect are in order here. You have every right to be sceptical about the revelations that binary options wire has been publishing during the last few days, but please then let’s have a debate about exactly the validity of these allegations and how credible binary options trading is, instead of bitching at each other! Could we perhaps do that?

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    i hate to enter this sexism debate and would refrain from commenting on that. i do believe that Jane is right. i started reading the posts by Masters with a great deal of scepticism but as he is building his case piece by piece i’m starting to be convinced he is right. especially in part six, what he talks about has probably been experienced by all of us and it is very easy to notice if you look for it, even if you are no expert. if the administrators of the site read this post could they please ask Mr. Masters to continue this saga and englighten us further to hepl us avoid pitfalls?

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    Manny Gammy

    From the site’s point of view I don’t think it matters what stance they take. There’s always a way to monetise good content and a good pagerank. Looking for financial motives is not going to get you dummies anywhere. Just read the articles and decide for yourself. Personally I think Nancy is a bit of a shill….

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    Bob Gruhl

    Binary options are not a scam. The secret is to use software to pick winners rather than deal with your own emotions of Fear and Greed. This makes it much easier to trade using software. I trust this has been helpful.

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    I also agree with Jane and whoever is with her, because i have been reading for the whole month and i have seen the evolution of the page, i have been following Binary Options for quite 5 years now, and have not invested since only the first year, for personal reasons, but this is the year im doing it since im preety confident about what this page says, what Cysec says and all other research i have done, just make sure who your dealing with and how, follow your own reasearch and judgement based on what you read, and if you think you can positivily contibute to help others. That is all.

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    Fx Crunch

    Binary Options trading is actually not a scam. People, whoever calls this ‘scam’ they are usually the one who can not make money in this business.

    Binary Options is a Solid Business. With CTOption broker, I have been trading in this industry since 2013. If you’re technically Skilled, this market is not a scam rather Profitable platform for You.

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