Additional Resources to Financial trading Authoritative Information


As a beginner the world of binary options trading can seem forbidding at first before you properly get to grips with the terminology. The product itself couldn’t be simpler. Pick an asset, decide on whether it will fall or rise in value in the time permitted for the trade, decide how much you would like to invest in the position and off you go. You’re trading. However it is all the other intricacies of the market and the insider jargon that can become confusing to newbie traders who want to understand how fundamentals and technical analysis works. If you want to increase your chances of having trades that expire in the money then you need to understand what all the terms used by traders are and how they work. We do our very best to provide you with articles that simplify all areas of the industry and we are constantly writing new articles to help our visitors whenever they email us with queries. However when you need an answer quickly and you don’t see anything to help you on this site there are other resources that you can turn to. To this end we have supplied you with a list of online resources that you can visit whenever you come across a certain term that you don’t quite understand. We hope you will find these sites of use and remember we are always here to help you on your way as a binary trader. So please keep emailing us with your questions and we will endeavour to leave no question unanswered.


Further reading:

Of course this is the first point of departure for most people and we include it here as a reminder. There’s nothing you can’t find on Wikipedia. Although some of the entries can be a bit too involved and confusing for a layperson the site is always useful for basic factual information. Also don’t forget to make use of their related links on every page. The way Wikipedia links users to related items is the true strength of this site.

This site took its cue from Wikipedia and decided to make all their content relevant to the financial markets, it is a formidable resource of investment information and should always be referred to when researching a given finance related subject. The site’s financial dictionary alone is worth paying a visit, almost any unknown economic term is provided a standard dictionary entry and a broader investopedia explanation.

One of the premier news sites on the planet, Bloomberg  specialises in market news and should become a regular feature of your trading day. Binary traders find it particularly useful for fundamental analysis, their news releases in the wake of economic reports are also very timely and handy.

For business and financial news this is definitely the place to go. The site’s European coverage is especially useful and not to be overlooked. We find that Bloomberg and Reuters are best used together, when you can’t find something on Bloomberg yet then Reuters is your next best bet, and vice versa.

This site has really gained ground over the last few years. The company prides itself on providing news that is unfiltered and not afraid of being critical of the West. People who want an unbiased view on the events shaping current geopolitics would do well to make RT a regular port of call for their news.

Financial blogs are an essential resource for traders as they really cut through all the crap and provide you with insights that you might not find on the bigger financial news sites such as those listed above. Naked capitalism is a particularly good one. Reading this blog regularly, though complicated and presupposing some level of financial knowledge, is much like a crash course in economics. Make this a regular port of call for yourself and you will always feel like you are a step ahead of other traders.