Are You Being Scammed When Searching for Scams? (Yes You Are)


This article has been a long time coming and we should really apologise for not having gotten it out any sooner. It has to do with the word scam and how it is used in online marketing. If you want the cliff notes version of this article then here it is: don’t bother searching for something with the word scam in the query hoping that you’ll receive penetrating critique and insider information on who is disreputable and just how bad they are. It doesn’t work anymore. This is especially so with binary options. Basically what you end up with if you enter such a search are pages upon pages of websites claiming to give you the full lowdown on whether this or that binary broker is a scam, and then what you actually end up getting is an affiliate review, telling you that no, in fact this binary broker is not a scam and we highly recommend you investing all your cash with them. It’s astonishing just how widespread this practice is now. In fact while looking into this area we were astounded to find that Anyoption was even using it in its paid Google ad! First page, top result! See for yourselves.

Now while all’s fair in love and search engine optimisation it does end up being a bit of a disservice for people who genuinely want to find out what’s what and don’t know where to turn. In our experience the word scam is now officially defunct, it has been drained of all meaning through tactical overuse by websites trying to sell you stuff (much like the word “love” has been robbed of all meaning and feeling by Hollywood films and soap operas!) just don’t bother with it anymore (the word scam, not the word love of course!). And this doesn’t just hold for binary options. This stands for a large amount of products and services available online. So remove the word scam from your vocabulary, basically. Oh and another thing. Even YouTube reviews have now fallen to the scam scam, it was amazing how difficult it was trying to find a real video talking about real binary options scams.

So what should you do if you really need to find out what a company is all about? Okay well first thing’s first, those same review sites that are tricking you into coming to their page with promises of all sorts of scammy type dirt on this or that broker? Well, their reviews are not to be trusted either. Most of them are just a list of features offered by the company, mixed in with some badly wielded superlatives and a closing paragraph designed to impress the notion on you that if you do not do your binary trading with such and such a company you will never be a complete human being. So give them a wide berth too, and the same goes for the user comments at the bottom of these types of reviews, they are scams… oops… they are fffraudulent.

The best places we have come across that really give you an insight into what to expect from a binary broker from the customer’s point of view are forums. These are chock full of wannabe big shots, many of whom have extensive online Forex and binary options experience. On these forums you will find plenty of newbies too, who are there for advice and as these people bounce ideas off each other you tend to get a very good idea of what is really going on. It’s almost like eavesdropping on a group of people talking and this is why we recommend that you include forums as part of your binary broker research. The reason for this is that it is easy to fake a YouTube or review site comment, and that is why everybody does it. However it is not as easy to fake a conversation between a number of different people. Content writers technically skilled enough to pull off such hoaxes have normally graduated on to better things than propagandists for binary firms. So that’s our scam article, done and dusted, filed and posted. Hope it was of help.

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