big-trend-signals: enhanced transparency through an amazing 32 day trial


Due to its sudden expansion and huge exposure and popularity the world of binary options trading is often plagued by scammers and crooks. Especially when it comes to binary options signals providers, traders are often very skeptical and wary about subscribing because they fear of losing their money and they are put off by the many horror stories of pure scam that they have heard or read about from other people., which is an innovative and fairly recently set up signals service for binary options trading took this fact into account and is therefore giving interested customers the chance to try out its service before committing to their monthly subscription plan. This is done through a specially developed 32 day long trial package. All a client needs to do to obtain it is to sign up for one of the suggested brokers that the team at big-trend-signals recommends and make a deposit of at least $250. Once the deposit is made the client has to send a screenshot of that transaction to [email protected] and once the trading account is approved then the client receives a number to add the signals service on their WhatsApp in order to be able to receive the signal alerts.

If you are happy with the signals after the expiration of the 32 day trial period, then you can move on to subscribe to the monthly plan, which costs $99 per month and has the signals delivered every day directly to your smartphone through WhatsApp. Of course, you reserve the right to cancel your subscription at any time if you so wish.

Moreover, another feature that distinguishes from their competitors, is the fact that they also offer a “one-day-ticket” option to buying their services. With this method, instead of subscribing for the whole month, you pay $14,99 and get delivered to your phone ALL the signals for that specific day. This is another method to try out the effectiveness of the service under real conditions, while it is also particularly suited and convenient for people who have a less systematic and more ad-hoc approach to their trading and only want or can trade on specific days.

Moreover, the fact that each of the team of experts giving out signals trades through a different broker and that clients can see who the brokers are and is certain that they can be trusted, enhances the transparency and credibility of the venture.

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In a highly competitive industry, where excellent quality, innovation and responsiveness to the needs of traders are the key elements for success, the team at seem to have done a great job at all 3!