Binary Options Scam by Tatiana


Thank you Philip Masters for your very interesting series of articles “The Great Binary Options Scam“! It is not just interesting but extremely useful and should be studied by everyone who decided to trade binary options.

I can agree with each word! I have had my own experience with ANYOPTIONS - they do absolutely everything that you mentioned plus they

1. CHANGE their rules! For example when the strike and expeiry prices are the same most brokers return you your stake. But not the anyoptions. They consider it to be your lost (not theirs of course!) and when you write to the support to ask why they took your money they inform you that they have just changed the rules.

2. Another catch is that one touch options are only available if you can stake two thousand dollars at once. They set the fixed price! However there was no such a “rule” when I accepted their “rules”However they as you know CHANGE the rules any time when they think it necessary. Maybe there are such rules now - I do not know and and do not want to know - I will never work with this broker again.

3. Another thing about them - You set the chart and then go to the or some other site to see the news for example or to analize the price and now when you are ready to buy the option and you return to the platform you may find the chart closed and you spend precious seconds to set it again - and when it coms to the news these seconds may be decisive and thus your chance to win get low.

4. with the minimum stake of 25 dollars they allow the minimum deposit of 100 dollars (fancy that!). However - I started wit 300 - they just ignore anyone (after the first greeting) with the deposit below several thousands. You understand it only after you have sent them your money. Sometimes I had to write TEN letters with the same question to the support to make them answer.

5. I opened an account with anyoptions becasue I was absolutely unexperienced and they promised a special programm for the newbies, which seemed very inviting But as son as I opened the account they forgot about the program. THREE weeks I just correspondede with the support to make them fulfil their promise for me, but had no answer. When they realised that I wouldl send them letters again and again and write to the adminisdtration they answered but in a very strange way - on the telephone the manager told me one thing and in the letter the answer wasquite opposite and I FAILED to get a real answer.

Thank you for your article, Phillip. I am so sorry I did not read it before. Now I will recommend it to all I know and share the link on the forums.
I wrote the letter just because you invited to share the binary ptions stories with you. Please forgive my English for I am Russian and wrote the letter myself with no translators.

With respect, Tatiana