Daily Market Review: 4th October 2013


Twitter is set to go down as the second largest Silicon Valley IPO since Facebook went public. The ever-popular social network has been conquering the Internet 140 characters at a time. Twitter’s revenue is said to have tripled last year, even though it has actually lost money for its investors for the third year running. These losses, however, are not being given tremendous weight by industry analysts due to the fact that Twitter’s advertising revenue is extremely encouraging and shows no signs of slowing down. Twitter has been a player on the Interwebs for around 8 years, this IPO is aiming to raise a billion dollars but could raise as much as 15 billion for its investors. Twitter’s notable shareholders include the company’s co-founder Evan Williams, who holds 12% of all shares. After him we have Benchmark Capital, which owns 6.7%, and co-founder Jack Dorsey currently holds 4.9% of the company’s stock. If all goes smoothly the social networking giant could be trading as early as November under the ticker code TWTR.

In other news 95% of Barclay’s investors recently voted in favour of the bank’s plan to raise 5.6 billion pounds sterling in order to comply with UK regulations that would have it have the cash available in order to feel what they perceive as being a shortfall of capital. Rumours that regulators could be raising the capital requirements from three to four percent the bank may need to raise further capital or make cut-backs to its investment bank.  Shares that weren’t taken up were sold on the market on Friday at a price of 268 pence, which is s small drop on the Bank’s stock’s closing price on Thursday. Nevertheless Barclay’s stocks seem to be on the up, the market showing confidence in the bank’s ability to meet regulatory requirements.

Trades of the day:  Both twitter and Barclay’s stocks are still looking attracting for week long binary options Call trades. Hold at least until middle of next week.