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    Dorofei Bogdanov

    What are the best affiliate programs for Binary Options? I have an online trading guide, but I did not earn any money yet. Any suggestions who to work with? Is it worth putting time into the Binary Options Affiliate offering? How much I can earn?

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    Birgit Reinhard

    Hi Dorofei Let’s start with this. Is it worth putting time into the Binary Options Affiliate offering? From my short personal experience in the Binary Options Affiliate industry I would probably say that the main obstacle that we need to deal with is the fact that the Binary Options trading is still largely unknown or/and misunderstood by the general public. Having said keep in mind that Binary options affiliate marketing is one of the hottest topics today. In terms of affiliate promotions it has been described as the new online “gambling” industry, purely because earnings opportunities are essentially limitless. So I guess the answer here is yes it is worth it.

    Regarding your question “How much I can earn?” It really depends on how good you are on marketing. There are several affiliates that are doing it as a hobby and make a few spare bucks every month (or nothing), while there are few others that are full time dedicated and manage to make tens of thousands of dollars every month. Personally I would say that if your guide delivers descent traffic to your binary options partners, the earnings opportunities are great.

    About your question which affiliate program is the best, not every binary option affiliate program is trustworthy just like any other online business and binary options affiliate marketing requires a lot of research and understanding before you join and in most cases, you learn about an affiliate program through trial and error. I remember few months ago just like you I was keep asking around, browse the internet for a few hours trying to be as careful as possible with all those information and reviews I read as most of them as you will see yourself are biased or written by brokers themselves.
    As a suggestion you may want to try SetOption which offers a top-notch Binary Options Affiliate Program that suits all my binary option traffic needs. I am working with them for about three months and I have never experienced such high payouts for such a converting Binary Options platform. I highly recommend giving this a go.

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