Binary Uno a welcome addition to the binary options scene


Owned and operated by the Seychelles based Titan Trade Capital Ltd. Binary Uno is a brand that offers an online, web-based Binary Options & Forex trading platform for investors globally to be able to trade on a wide range of markets, though secure, technologically advantaged trading platforms. Since its initial establishment in 2011, it has continuously strived to offer its customers innovative and intelligent investment opportunities.

The broker’s website is available in English and Arabic only and it can be perceived as an indication of its wish to primarily focus on English speaking clients from Europe as well as the Arabic speaking population of the affluent and booming major Middle Eastern markets.

Through its platform that is provided by Banc de Binary, Binary Uno does not only offer the traditional call/put binary options trading, but indeed a unique range of trading types that would spoil any client for choice. These include long term trading, sixty seconds trading, one touch trading, pairs trading, ladder trading and an innovative mixture of forex and binary options trading where interested clients have stop-loss and take-profit levels to choose from, as well as contract size and leverage level fields.

Besides the wide range of trading types, the broker also offers an extensive list of tradable assets from across the four asset categories of currency pairs, from the most common to exotic ones, commodities, including the most popular such as oil and gold, stocks, such as SIEMENS AG, VOLVO, TESCO, VODAFONE, VOLKSWAGEN, GAZPROM, FIAT, BMW, BP and others, and indices, for example the FTSE 500, DUBAI, BOMBAY SE, DAX, FTSE FUTURE, MICEX10, IBEX and NASDAQ FUTURE.

Perhaps the most noteworthy and innovative feature offered by Binary Uno however, is the iFollow, social trading features, which allows traders to follow the moves and decisions of the top leading traders per assets and copy their moves in order to benefit from their skill, knowledge and expertise and thus place successful trades.


  1. This is a personal message to the author of the positive review above, not a comment per se, intended for all readers.
    I have a new account at Binary Uno and have been encouraged to contribute beyond my immediate means, so I am concerned that I may lose heavily. Are you an employee or client of Binary Uno?? Your comments are positive, but your syntax indicates English is not your first language. Where are you from? I have received bonus (free) funds added to my own contributions, and I need to know how and when I can withdraw my initial investment capital to payoff my charge card credit line deposit to Binary Uno and thence forward be using only profits (and bonus amounts) generated. Furthermore, I have been asked to contribute a huge, for me, sum of $100,000 toward a one million $ “contract” toward my own suggested “non-profit” project (a museum). The chief manager of Binary Uno London UK (are there other headquarters or subsidiaries for binary Uno?) has himself committed $150,000, and he has three of his clients who have committed $250,000 each to fund the initial investment capital. It is expected to reach $200,000,000 in 18 months or so. Is this reasonable? Or am I being scammed for my $100,000? I hope to reach the $100,000 for my portion through high return investments against my initial deposits now totalling $20,000 (not including bonuses or minimal profits so far generated). I would like to withdraw the $20,000 as profits accrue beyond my $100,000 “share” of this special project investment. Is that easily done? I have signed an ATC, allowing my account broker to manage my investments totally at his discretion. Should I rescind that Assisted Trading Contract (I have no real knowledge nor experience in trading for myself)? Can I trust my broker? How does HE individually, and Binary Uno collectively, make money on MY trades. Some scam sites say they make money only when I LOSE money, but they told me the opposite (only when I win, do they also win). Free money (bonus amounts up to 150% of my deposits) seems unreal. How can they afford that? Do I keep the account balance? the Profits generated? or are they going to lose my balance down to zero and keep it for themselves? Lots of questions! Need answers! Why is their (you continually spelled it ‘there’) address listed as an island in the Indian Ocean? I am skeptical that I have been scammed. Even if the “partnership” investment for the museum (my personal project) achieves its goal of $200,000,000 (my stated profit goal) in two years, are the profits all mine, or only in proportion to my initial contribution (1- tenth of the initial capital of 1 million dollars)? Please answer all my concerns with true examples from your own investment experience with Binary Uno. Thanks.

  2. Binary Uno is a scam, I also invested a small amount with them, They made a couple of supposed trades to make it look good then started asking for more money, I tried to withdraw the initial deposit with no luck and a lot of excuses, Buy a lotto ticket you will have a better chance of getting something back

  3. Henry, I hate to break it to you, but they are a scam and this article has likely been written by their own representatives. I ‘invested’ what is a significant amount of money for me, with no chance whatsoever of withdrawing that initial investment amount. They looked legitimate initially, but I quickly discovered that they are nothing but scumbag fraudsters. I’ve gone so far as to contact the government of Seychelles imploring them to investigate the company. No word yet.

  4. Like Ian, above, I too made a small investment with Binary Uno. This more than doubled on day one which rang alarm bells. That good? Hmmm. Under the guise of making sure that the whole process worked satisfactorily - in/out - I managed, under protest their end, to transfer the profits out. Fortunately the GBP sliding meant that I virtually covered my investment. However, Dan Anderson, my Account Manager, was not a happy bunny. After a week where my balance had not moved one cent he, when challenged, claimed that I had transferred my investment (er, profits) out and yes, he had not done any work on my account as it was sooooo insignificant and wanted me to invest lots more. At this point I suggested that I ought not to trouble him further. Having just gone to close my account I find that the balance has been slashed from $286 to $30!!! Minimum withdrawal? $100 + $35 administration fee. Close shave - DO NOT TOUCH…

  5. Hope you didn’t go along with that B s**t Henry because they have tried to do the same with me ! Mine is a long story involving Binary Uno since April this year and the more i read peoples storys and the various reports about them have come to the realisation that my near £20,000 investment is prob gone, it started for me with sending €250 to the Scam Advert (Zoolander Hack) and shortly after receivied a call from so called Manager Mark Wallace ! they are obviously using false/diff names all the time for each client to keep it going because the names have seen people using in their complaints are different to the ones that i have had dealings with, to name a couple of so called senior ones (Adam) Banks, and Richard (Adams) see the connection ! who sounds Eastern European when you speak to him ! since i stupidly got drawn into this have been given Four diff so called Managers and have issues greiviences from the start in April/May when realised something wasn’t right, more recently after Trade started losing money i said that wanted to stop alltogether and withdraw my money that was agreed by Adam Banks and few weeks later he went back on it and and wanted me to do one last Trade on ATC and once finished in 4/5 weeks could deff get out i refused because he promised me before and now they won’t pay me any of my money which out of the €81,000 in account was told €35,000 is mine the money is still showing as in account so i could in theory Trade myself get to required figure and get out but they told me that i will need to get to $917,000 because have “Bonus” payments which disagree with and not really knowing too much about the Markets would prob end up losing it but if do win would end up making them even more money and still not be able to touch any of it myself ! they are doing the same thing to people all the time and are just Ruthless A****s who don’t care that are stealing decent peoples savings etc, Dou’s anyone know where the Traders actually work from i.e the address because right now they are acting like their untouchable and are Faceless Crooked Cowards who if you met them in the street would run a mile (would like to meet them) if anyone who reads this has any info about where they opperate from or if you have started trying to get your money back and have info about the best way then please post it here, thanks.

  6. Are binary uno part of quantum code inc or not? Confused as I thought I was investing with QUantum and have deposited 250 dollars -awaiting call from broker .