What is the best Broker site to start trading with?

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    Erin K. Hayton

    I’m looking through several reviews but I’m having a doubt on which one is saying the truth…..I would really appreciate it if you can help me.

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    Leo B. Haller

    I agree with you Erin. The majority of online review sites are trying to manipulate the system using inauthentic reviews and as a result online reviewing sites are less trustworthy than ever. This is especially true for industries like Forex and binary options with so much money at stake and site owners sometimes trying to give a boost to these scam binary options companies with fake names and credentials for their own benefit.

    I think rather than reading all those too good to be true reviews, you should do an internet search for the company name and website, and look for negative reviews. If you find them, you’ll have to decide if the offer is worth the risk.

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    Christopher Bedenham

    I think the best way to find out what is really going on, and which brokers are truly the best, is forums such as this one, only users can tell you exactly what their experience with so and so broker was. Then again even on forums you have to deal with brokers posting as customers, but yeah, it’s a more authentic for of communication I feel and you can find out whether someone is trying to sell you something after a few back and forths….

    Glad to finally see a forum devoted to binary options, let’s keep it moving.

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    I have experience with about 30 which I have compared and actually invested at a new broker for 3 weeks, once for each week my auto trader made a profit during beta testing - bbinary.com , traderush.com and trader.xp in decreasing order of preference due to testing results. I tested each platform side by side to compare.

    I have not tried but recently added support for 24option.com which has the BEST performance with my software that I have seen yet. As I can convince my wife to let me blow another few hundred on some excitement, they will be my next choice. I’m not a professional trader, I’m a software developer, and I’ve developed software to help professional traders and people like me win more at binary options.

    How did I choose which platform is better? I used my own software program called the Binary Options Auto Trader and can run simulations on the markets (in most cases without an account). You can choose the currency and which platform of which there are over 30. The faster and more responsive websites can be determined by running simulations and watching the chart output compared to other platforms.

    For example my auto trader clicks in a trade at 130.16322 and the site locks the trade in at 130.16322. 60 seconds later BOAT reads out “WON PUT FROM 130.16322 TO 130.16248″

    Rarely the broker and the local log are different - what does it mean if they are? It means at the exact millisecond BOAT clicked the value was that on the webpage and by the time the click made it to the server and back to lock in your trade, the value had changed.

    Be wary of platforms that have inconsistent results from values in the Binary Options Auto Trader BOAT.


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    Alan Morton

    Sorry Stephan but I actually find your post slightly convoluted and confusing. Let me stick into this thread and revert back to the theme of credibility and reliability when it comes to reviews. I mean, how do we that the broker reviews on this or any other similar site are actually true and honest? A friend of mine mentioned that maybe the brokerage companies pay the sites to publish reviews on them. Does anyone know if this is so? And in any case, should we trust what we read, even in forums such as this one?

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    Sheilagh Whitacker

    Well Alan, your friend may be right. It wouldn’t surprise me if brokers did try to pay for favourable reviews, although a positive review isn’t necessarily a fake one. We need to approach all matters with caution though. If a site that claims to be independent puts up immaculate reviews on various brokers then something stinks! No broker firm is perfect, let’s face it. However, I think it is up to us to judge whether a review or a post in a forum are genuine or not. We need to read carefully, even between the lines, apply our common sense, use our judgement to decide whether the review we are reading was actually written by an honest, independent reviewer, whether a real person is hiding behind a post. At the end of the day we could always also resort to our gut feeling and intuition…but, if we can’t discern whether what we read is bogus or not, then I think we shouldn’t be into online trading to begin with!!!

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    Stuart Lee

    It’s funny how you guys are discussing credibility and reliability just at the time when it seems the people at binary options wire have embarked on a campaign to burst the bubble of binary options. To my view this Philip Masters guy seems to know his stuff and appears to be determined to dish the dirt. Must admit I will be disappointed if he is proven right in what he claims, but alas we live and learn. One thing is for sure, I wont be parting with any of my money on online trading until I see where his revelations lead.

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    Mike Ventrell

    Hey Stuart, I’m not sure we should be continuing this thread or starting a new one in light of the recent articles on this site, but you are right mate, what this Masters bloke is on about, is fascinating stuff… real eye openers! Indeed, he’s already made me hold my horses and put a leash on trading binary options as well. Hope that in the end he will also have some suggestions as well though, if we should try forex or anything else out there.

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