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Have you ever seen the advertisement of Lbinary running on the internet or on some famous sites? It’s a brand new trading platform set for us to achieve what we desperately needs. Although it is new in trading industry, but it has earned a good international fame in recent past years. Its members are highly qualified persons that have past working experience with some top class leading brands and companies in the world. In this review I will try to share some of my personal experience with you, and some good reasons that why should one choose Lbinary. It’s always free to open an account there any moment you want, and start making the profit with an extra bonus amount of $60k! Binary Options Trading Platform

Some General information

Year of Establishment: 2012
Location of Offices: Nicosia, Cyprus; London, UK; Victoria, Seychelles;
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Trade Amount: $25
Maximum per Option: $3000
Returns in the Money: 83%-720%
Option Refund If Out of Money: 0-17%
Bonuses: 20%-100%
Platform: Spot
Extra Options: Stocks, Currencies, Indices, Commodities
US Traders: Allowed

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Lbinary brokerage

There are many good brokers on the internet, but only few of them are honest and trustful. It’s the major feature of a brokerage to show honesty. And honesty can’t be purchased nor developed, in-fact it is earned with the passage of time by providing consistently excellent services and sticking to the motive. When I tested Lbinary, it does exactly what was being told. I read their withdrawal from any type of account only takes 72 hours of estimated time. I decided to test their words, so I requested a withdraw amount of twenty thousand dollar, surprisingly they kept their word and money was transferred to my bank account in the mentioned time duration. It will be good to mention here that by using debit or credit card, withdrawals are done immediately without any lead time; this can be very useful when running several accounts on Lbinary. Due to such exceptional services, I always recommend Lbinary.


Any business can only be called a successful one if it has the capability to sustain itself in crucial times. Most important thing in business sustainability is the quality of your service and its delivery time. If we talk about our subject topic here, then they seems to be very professional in this manner, they have utilized a number of different tactics to ensure their reliability and quality of service. For example of one of you sign up at Lbinary, then he will receive sales calls, regarding some basic information (introduction to this new environment), how to trade here and some other useful information. The person, who calls you, is very polite and humble in nature, they will not force you to come and trade here like in some other sites, and instead they will guide you step by step in a very courteous and informing way. If you ask some question and the caller’s doesn’t have its answer, then he will apologize and request you to wait a moment until the call is transferred to some more experienced person.
Other than the sales call to customers, Lbinary has also placed well organized teaching lessons for all kind of customers, they are very helpful for the new starters, and also helps a lot to the senior and experienced traders. In future Lbinary is also making an allowance for introduction to group webinars that will definitely improve the efficiency of the users.

Trading with Lbinary

If you like the classy stuff, then you will definitely love the Lbinary working style. Lbinary is the top most emerging trading spots these days, and it offers you some most reliable features of binary trading that others don’t know. If you look upon the layout of their website then it’s simply graceful, remarkable and easy to use. The whole used UI is definitely going to attract you for a very long term contract, even before the sign up procedure. This definitely makes Lbinary different from other brands, who propose many big things but in reality are fake ones. Anyhow nothing in this world is perfect, you can experience some issues on this site, like long loading times, some glitches and website down error, but still customer support is there, they are always ready to help you and resolve your issue. After the help of customer support it is guaranteed that your issue will be resolved.

Promotions and bonuses

Lbinary offers many bonuses and promotions to promote their business. Although there is no straightforward cash bonus there because, they have very strict rules and policies. Such bonuses include free trading lessons, 24 hours customer support help, insured trades and live chats with professionals. Apart from these Lbinary also gives bonuses on big cash deposits, like 35% bonus on all the deposits made. This is a very helpful promotion offer, as you earn both by trading and by such promotional offers. They assure you the safety of your money there, and maximum profit in trading binary options.

Platforms and Markets featured in Lbinary

Lbinary is a very good trading site; if you are interested in forex trading then Lbinary is the best option for you to trade. It supports many of the worldwide currencies, indexes or commodities, and shares. I tried my best to mention below all the examples of assets and portfolios, but it wasn’t possible, so I have attached a few of them below.

  • British Petroleum PLC (BP), France Telecom, Societte General, Stocks include Apple Inc, Facebook Inc. (FB), Barclays PLC, SONY, Nissan Motors, Google Inc, and many others.
  • The currencies include US Dollar – Canadian Dollar, Great Britain Pound – US Dollar, US Dollar US Dollar – Japanese, Euro-US Dollar, US Dollar – Swiss Franc, Australian Dollar – US Dollar.
  • The indices includeNasdaq-100 Future, Dow Jones-30 Future,ASX-200 Future,IBEX-35 Future, S&P-500 Future, CAC-40 Future, BOMBAY SE,FTSE-100 Future, DAX-30 Future, and many other like these.
  • And the commodities include the Silver, Crude Oil, Gold and Gold/Eur.

Many of us like to invest in short periods to earn the profit instantly; well Lbinary welcomes all such peoples. There is an option for the trading of 60 seconds there, where one can have fast turnaround. It ends directly after the time span of 60 seconds, if you participate in that trading. Although there is no limit set for the 60 second trader option, you can have them in any number you desire, all have a turnaround time of 60 seconds and brings the cash immediately to your account.

The Languages allowed

The Lbinary features many famous languages, which include:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Arabic


So what’s the conclusion and summary of all the discussion? Lbinary is really a perfect choice for binary trading option. It assures the safety of your investment along with bonuses and promotion packages. Its most attractive features are Good customer support, fast money transactions, friendly and easy to use interface, and professional service. One can earn as much as he want by trading with Lbinary, and it’s the safest method to earn big cash in a short period.

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