MetaTrader 4 forex traders can now use the MetaTrader Market

MetaTrader 4

The MetaQuotes Software Corp., which is a professional developer of software applications for financial markets and indeed a market leader in the field of forex trading software packages with more than a decade of experience, the company is a market leader in the field of forex trading software packages, is the developer of the most popular forex trading application worldwide, the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Back in February 2012, this corporation had launched MetaTrader Market which was the store for trading applications, operating similarly to Apple’s App Store, offering both free and paid for applications and also enabling its users to sell their own applications. Initially the MetaTrader Market was only available to MetaTrader % users. Featuring hundreds of ready-made trading robots and technical indicators, the store became hugely popular and recorded an impressive market sales growth. This huge success prompted its developers to expand it and to launch it on MetaTrader 4 as well, as of February 2014. Obviously, there is much sense and scope in this business move, as this is a large and promising market, since the total number of MetaTrader 4/5 users had passed the 7 million mark by 2013.

According to Renat Fatkhullin, the CEO of MetaQuotes Software Corp., : “MetaTrader 5 users have already appreciated the Market - trading robots are sold and purchased there at full swing. The activity in MetaTrader 4 section will definitely be even higher, since traders have long been asking for this opportunity. Anticipating our users’ future demands, we further intend to add other categories of digital content. We are committed to turning MetaTrader Market into a place where users can find all the tools necessary for successful trading,”.

It should be noted that in order to be able to launch the MetaTrader 4 application store, the developers had to expand the functionality of the MQL4 language and have consequently significantly upgraded the tools of trading robot developers. Following these improvements, the MQL4 now offers greater features, as well as increased execution speed, coupled with tighter quality control and a higher level of security to be enjoyed by all traders.