Mobile Trading Apps Revolutionising Binary Trading

Mobile Trading Apps Revolutionising Binary Trading

Mobile trading apps are here and, like them or not, it looks like they’re about to usher in a new era of mobile trading. The main selling point of these apps is that they enable users to continue with their trading activities discretely, without being disruptive to those around them and most importantly from absolutely anywhere. Everything seems to be migrating from the desktop to the laptop, and from there to the smartphone so it was only a matter of time before the humble trading binary trading app followed suit.

And with so many people combining their trading activities with a full-time job, be that as a salesperson, an executive of some sort, or even a harried housewife/husband, trading apps seem to be the perfect match for a busy lifestyle that wants to squeeze a few trades in here and there. The marketing of these new apps has been surprisingly low key if you ask me, I think a lot of binary brokers are missing a trick here. Now we’ve written elsewhere about what we think of these mobile trading apps but it’s almost like being a grouch who refuses to get on Facebook, mobile trading apps are here, they’re taking over and I imagine they won’t be going anywhere soon.

The sheer convenience of being able to cart your trading platform around with you is bound to be too much to resist for many traders, add to this the feeling of being in on a little secret that others around you aren’t, sitting there smiling into your touchscreen, making money with everyone around you none the wiser, this is bound to be a very exhilarating feeling for many.

It’s definitely a market that is wide open, and as binary option trading signal providers also catch on and begin releasing apps that deliver your trading signals directly to your smartphone via push notification, the whole industry might migrate to the smart device. At the moment there is very little data to tell us just how much this market could be worth but I’s hazard a guess that it’s a lot, a hell of a lot.

Brokers with Mobile Trading Apps

The following is a list of all the brokers who currently have their own mobile trading apps out on the market:

  • Banc De Binary
  • AnyOption
  • 24Option
  • TradeRush
  • EZ Trader
  • Opteck
  • TradeSmarter
  • Option Rally
  • OptionBit
  • IkkoTrader
  • Trading247
  • ZoneOptions
  • StockPair
  • OptionFair

This list is obviously subject to change from one moment to the next as more and more brokers rush to bring their own apps out. Bust as you can see from the top of the list all the relevant big boys are already at the party, the rest are running late but they’ll be here soon enough.

How do Mobile Trading Apps Work

Mobile trading apps are now available for both of the two main smartphone operating systems. Most of the companies listed here have a version of their trading application available for both iPhone and Android. Basically if it has a touch screen and its name is preceded by an “I” then you’re going for the iPhone operating system. If it’s practically anything else it’s Android. Blackberry users are going to have to wait until the company decides on which way it’s going to go, its own proprietary operating system seems to have become unfeasible in today’s competitive smartphone market and is rapidly being left behind. IPhone apps are available from the iTunes app store and Android apps can be downloaded from Google’s Google Play store. The app essentially provides your smart device with a scaled down version of the trading platform your broker is running. From it you can log into your account, manage your details and you balance, as well as placing binary trades live from your phone.