New and improved version for eToro’s mobile app


The team at leading broker and social investment services provider eToro seem to be a restless bunch, who always try to offer top quality services and improve and enhance all the aspects of their offering to users and clients.

This time round, it is the eToro Social Trading app for Android devices that had a new and improved, updated version released, marking further developments and better capabilities for the mobile applications of eToro.

It was as recently as last month that the provider had added a useful feature to its mobile trading solution which now allows the seamless switch between one’s real and virtual account, but this was not enough and only a month later new and improved features are added that greatly enhance the trading experience of those eToro who prefer to trade on the go, whenever and wherever they are.

As always happens every time a version is released, in this current new version the eToro team has spotted and fixed bugs from previous versions and added improvements, such as the offering of the ability to all traders using this application to gain full and detailed access to their trading history, including a full lowdown on all their closed trades and their copy trades.
The main advantage of the eToro Social Trading app for Android is that it enables traders to start investing in Stocks, Commodities, Indices and Currencies with as little as $50, making trading truly accessible to all. Moreover, through the application traders can search for and locate the top ranked investors and view their portfolios, including performance charts, up-to-date statistics and portfolio breakdown. Besides being able to take part in online discussions about the financial markets and more, through the mobile application, traders using the app can follow eToro’s top social investors to benefit from their trading decisions and investment strategie