Night Owl Binary Option Signals Review


If you are a binary options trader looking for a helpful hand to improve your trading and increase your profitability then you could stand to benefit a lot by subscribing to a signals service. One such service provider, which delivers manual trading signals for binary options via a live trading session broadcast online for subscribers, is Night Owl.


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The service offered by Night Owl is a trading room-based system and as such it does not send out signals to the phones or emails of subscribers, but requires subscribers to follow the live broadcast of a professional trader trading live and calling out the signals at the same time for subscribers to implement.

One feature of this signals service, which could be argued to be somewhat restrictive, is that it only focuses on forex binary options with an expiry time of 5 minutes. Therefore, the signals are only suitable for traders who wish this particular option type and can only be traded on binary platforms that offer this type of short-term contracts, such as the platforms powered by Tech Financials and its white-labels.

The live trading sessions offered by Night Owl are taking place 4 days a week, from Monday to Thursday and are done during the Asian trading session, lasting for 90 minutes each time from 8.30 to 10pm EST. Since the trading in the Forex market closes for the week by 4pm EST on Fridays, there is no signals service offered on Fridays.

The signals service is available internationally and it is offered on the basis of a bi-weekly subscription costing a relatively affordable $87 per two weeks. There is no trial period offered either for free or at a fee, while payments for the subscription fee can be made on Clickbank, by using credit cards or via PayPal. After the initial subscription, all subsequent payments are charged automatically unless the trader cancels before the next billing is due.

To sign up to the service, clients are expected to give their full details and after payment they are then supplied with a password via which they can access the members only login area and enter the live trading room.

Once in the trading room, subscribers can watch the trading live as it happens and follow the signals that are called out. It is preferable to use Night Owl using headphones so that the trader can hear clearly and without interferences and interruptions. The signals broadcast are easy to follow and subscribers have the additional benefit of being able to ask questions and seek further clarifications and assistance from the expert trader, while also being able to communicate with other traders following the session, using a dedicate live chat window. This is an asset of the service as it fosters a sense of community and helps trader interaction. The active participation of traders helps learn and understand what is going on in the trading room more easily and effectively.

Besides accessing the trading room from their computers, traders can also do so using their smartphones and tablet devices, through a specifically designed application for this purpose, which is downloadable from the app store.

During every trading session subscribers can expect to get between two and five signals that they can immediately trade on since the direction of the trade, the currency pair to be traded and the strike price/market price on trade entry are clearly given out by the expert trader moderating the trade room live.

Although we should always remember that in the case of trading signals the past performance does not in any way guarantee or indicate the service’s future results, the profitability of the Night Owl Signals service appears to be hovering around an attractive 75%, while it also appears to have several satisfied subscribers testifying in favour of the efficiency of the signals being delivered.

The support team on Night Owl Signals can be contacted either by using the online contact form on the Customer Service page of the website or via email. Moreover, the service becomes even more attractive because it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, allowing customers to claim back the cost of their subscription.

Subscribing to the Night Owl signals service may well reduce the risks of your trading and increase your profitability, while also giving you the chance to take part in an unfolding analytical approach to trading, an experience that could prove very didactic.

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Although some may view the highly targeted nature of the trade signals generated through this service as too restrictive, it could also be argued that clutter reduction and the focus on a single asset class and expiry time makes things easier and simpler for traders, especially those with less experience and know how in the field.

If you can overcome the fact that the service is only available at a very specific time four times a week, which may be difficult for some traders to follow due to time zone differences or other commitments, then subscribing to Night Owl may greatly enhance your trading experience and improve your chances for success.