Questions on Trading Signal Providers



Dear Nancy,

This is Jose from NY. I have been trading Binary Options for over 1 and a half years. I have made money, now and then, but have lost a lot. I have done extensive research, am familiar with fundamental and technical analysis, but still lose due to last minute moves or difficulty in identifying the trends. I was considering a signal service. I have tried so many of them and all of them turned out to be scams or poor performers. I came across Binaryoptioswire site and was thinking of joining the first signal on top with 9.4 rating and 85% success rate. Is that success rate consistent? Have you used them? What time frames? How much do you advice on each signal?Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Dear Jose,

Thanks for your email and your interest in the content of binaryoptionswire. It is true that most signal providers do end up being nothing more than plain scams and rip-offs and they often make one’s trading experience worse instead of better. Obviously featuring a service on our site doesnt mean we endorse it 100%. Especially with signals, even if we have tried a service personally - which in this case we have done, you should always remember that there are no guarantees. Past good performance does not imply future successes. There are no bullet proof solutions to trading and even if a signal is correct, it also rests with the individual trader skills as well as how quickly and effectively you manage to actually place the trade. And of course there is market volatility always lurking that might reverse a trend that appears emerging in virtually no time…

As far as we are concerned here at binaryoptionswire, we usually test out a service before writing on it but that can only give us a snapshot of its performance at that particular instant. However, we can remain up-to-date through the various comments and feedback on the various services that we receive from our readers and visitors who opt to use each service and share their experience with us . I went into the trouble of checking out our database and currently there are no bad reviews or serious complaints about this specific signals provider.

So with all these being said, I would not discourage you from trying out this particular service, especially since you are keen to do so and appear to have done a lot of homework and practice on binary options trading already. You do deserve to get a winning strike for all your persistence and perseverence after all. If do decide to subscribe do so with low expectations and let the results pleasantly surprise you and also try to place small trades, at least to begin with, until you become completely accustomed to the way the signals work and are delivered and you fully grasp what sort of reaction time they give you. Good luck with everything and I really wish that profits will soon be on their way to you,

All the best,
Nancy Eleutheriou