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2,035 views - The Binary Signals, is a relatively newcomer binary signals service, operating under the catchy motto “Know it, trade it, profit” and sending out signals, which are derived from the analysis performed by a team of in-house trading experts.

Compared to the many other binary signals providers out there the The Binary Signals website ranks very high in terms of the very clean and clear lay out of their website, while it has the added benefit of enabling interested traders to have easy access to all past signals results, which means that you can study and assess the performance of this provider before committing to subscribe to this service. This is particularly informative and useful for the more experienced traders, but it is also neat and simple enough for even newcomers to be able to make out what is going on. Since The Binary Signals aims to provide signals that will expire “in-the-money” over 70% of the time to ensure that the overall signal results will be profitable to binary options traders, we should  have a closer look at this binary signals provider.

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Asset Types service, offers signals for a wide variety of assets, covering all the assets types, i.e. currency pairs, commodities, indices and the stocks of major companies worldwide. Although most trade signals seem to be concerning currency pairs, a lot of others are sent out as well and they include oil, gold, silver, platinum, sugar, wheat, corn and coffee in the commodities category, Apple, Barclays, British American T, Coca Cola, Fiat, Google, HSBC Holdings and IBM in the stocks category, as well as many indices from around the globe.

Signals and their delivery

Subscribers to this binary signals service can expect to receive signals on a very high frequency and on a variety of assets. Each notification clearly indicates the conditions of the signal and includes the type and name of the asset to be traded, the direction, the price and expiry time, all presented in a very user-friendly manner.

A point worth highlighting is that all signals are sent in real time. The downside to this is that in order to maximize your profits you need to be constantly on alert in order to place the trade on time, while this could be difficult as a text may be received at 2 in the morning in your time zone, which will probably mean that you will miss placing the trade. However, the positive side to this is that The Binary Signals service experts do not seem to be aiming to uphold some kind of daily quota, and only send out signals whenever they genuine recognize, through their analysis, that there is a genuine profit opportunity to be had.

Signals can be delivered either by text message on the mobile phone number provided by the subscriber, while their website claims that soon signals will also be able to be received by push notifications on smart phones. Receiving the signals via Sms is very useful and important, because many times this signals provider sends out short term signals and being able to take advantage of them and place a winning trade entails being able to access the signal and your trading account very quickly.

Of course, signals can also be sent to traders via email, to the address provided by each subscriber.

Service Cost

The subscription to this service costs $97 per month; with no additional extra or hidden costs. However, there is also a cheaper alternative, in the form of a special offer running at the moment, enabling a subscriber to register for their first month for only $9.99, on condition that they register their trading account with a partner broker of the site. The only obvious downside is that if you don’t want to take the option of trading through one of the recommended brokers, then you can only use the service if you pay the full monthly fee, since there is no trial shorter period (e.g. a weekly rate) for a reduced price, something which is usual with other binary signals providers.

Payments for this binary signals service can be made through all major debit and credit cards in a secure manner.

Customer Support

Customer Support can be easily accessed through filling in the contact us form on the website. An added plus is the fact that the website is available in both English and German, while there is also a very informative Education Centre available, offering valuable information on trading binary options as well as explaining how things work with binary options signals and binary options brokers.

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In a nutshell,, comes across as a solid binary signals provider with all the necessary features to enable a subscriber to maximize their trading profits. As always, you should not only rely on favourable past performance indicators being shown on the website, but rather try out the service for yourself to be able to be sure it fits your requirements. However, since you do not get a trial period option on this side, you will have to purchase a full month subscription in order to try them out. Having said that, we feel that this is probably worth the while since the sheer volume of opportunities identified through the signal sent out, will mean that you will soon be able to cover the subscription cost through your newly generated profits, provided you can get into those trades safely and quickly, through an equally reliable broker.

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