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TradeRush Review

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A look at their platform:

Trade Rush use a platform that looks extremely similar to that used by Banc De Binary, this is because essentially they are the same platform, albeit with a few idiosyncrasies unique to each respective company. Now a little known fact in the industry today is that Trade Rush actually invented the 60 Second Option. The company was the first broker of Binary Options to introduce the concept of the 60 second trade and its success has subsequently led most other brokerages to also jump on board and offer this quick trade. When Trade Rush launched in August of 2011 they introduced their platform with this option and it was found to be a winning formula. The rapid expiry times are a real adrenaline rush for traders and the early success of this innovation has led to the 60 second option being pretty much a standard feature in the world of binary options. You definitely get a trade rush when trading these options. Much like the other brokers you get all the standard call/put options, with your assets clearly displayed on the left side and expiries on the right side. Clicking on call or put for a specific option brings up a little pop-up window that asks you to specify the size of your trade. You are provided with the in-the-money rate and the out-the-money rate, with colour coded directional cues so you always know the direction you are trading in.  Trade Rush also offer all the regular assets: stocks, currencies, indices and commodities.

Trade Sizes:

In the case of their normal options the trade size on Trade Rush ranges between $10 and $1000 dollars.


Payouts on Trade Rush’s platform range between 70-81%.

Lockout Times:

While not particularly competitive in either trade size or payout percentages Trade Rush really come into their own as far as lock-out times are concerned. Their lock-out times range from 10 – 2 minutes. 2 minutes is pretty damn competitive considering 24Options’ shortest lockout time is 5 minutes and Banc De Binary only go down to 3.

Advanced Features:

Trade Rush also have an Option Builder feature like with Banc De Binary, which gives you more customisable functionality, so you can manage your risk in more specific detail and select individual expiry times for your trades. Their One Touch options are pretty-much identical to those offered by Banc De Binary, they also being weekend trades that are offered on a weekly basis from 5pm Friday EST to 5pm Sunday EST. Again they are high target, high yielding trades that pay out between 2-500% with obviously reduced possibilities for success. Another difference between the two platforms is that their 60 second trades payout between 67 and 75% and and are available for trading sizes of $5 - $100. Finally Trade Rush offer Option Pro, which is almost identical to Banc De Binary’s Binary Meta tab. As with that one you have the option to close a trade on a selection of assets. Another thing worth mentioning is that Trade Rush does not have any issues when it comes to entering a trade. On Banc De Binary’s platform, and on 24Options you will find that from time to time you will experience issues in entering a trade. In the case of Banc De Binary this is due to “liquidity issues”, with the VIP accounts not being subject to these liquidity issues. In the case of 24Options the same problem is given a different label. With 24Options a problem is encountered in the entering of trades during fast moving data releases, for instance when news is causing an asset to move rapidly you may encounter difficulty in making the type of trade you want. Trade Rush seems to have no such problems. You can enter your trade whenever you want. This is a big advantage for aggressive traders, Trade Rush accommodate trading speed as opposed to trading accuracy which the other platforms are preferable for.


Trade Rush is another great all round broker with all the assets and trading features you will ever need. Being the pioneers behind the 60 second trade and having industry leading lockout times, coupled with no liquidity issues whatsoever makes Trade Rush especially suited to aggressive lightning quick traders even though you could certainly do a lot worse no matter what your specific needs are. All in all a great little performed and definitely one for those shorter trades.

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