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Ubinary Review | Binary Options Broker Ubinary.com

uBinary is a binary options brokerage headquartered in London, England. On its website, the company promises to simplify the trading process and to enable investors to trade within minutes, claiming to be able to offer both “an unmatched customer trading support service”, as well as “a user-friendly trading environment”.

Having explored the trading platform, we are able to safely assert that uBinary has delivered on this promise to a very large extent.





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The Assets

uBinary offers traders a menu of 45 tradable assets. This might look like providing a fairly limited number of options for investors to choose from, especially since we couldn’t help noticing the absence of stocks, which could be argued to be a weak point. However, after contacting uBinary to clarify this issue we were told that the company is now in the process of adding stocks to its assets portfolio. Such an addition will be clearly welcomed and we appreciate the fact that the company recognized this weakness and it is working to address it. At present, uBinary traders can trade the following assets:

  • 30 Currency Pairs
  • 8 Commodities
  • 7 Indices

What is impressive as well as striking however is the returns rate for the clients of uBinary, since through trading everything from gold and oil to the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones, uBinary traders can earn up to 85% per trade. The minimum deposit amount at uBInary is $100, while the Minimum Trade Size is set to mere $20.

The Platform

UBinary uses a very effective platform and differs from those used by most other companies. This innovative platform, however, proved surprisingly easy to use. Consequently, although the website includes a handy Platform Guide, we rarely had to consult it while exploring the uBinary platform. The user-friendly platform is divided into three convenient sections, all of which are visible throughout the trading process:

  • The Dashboard clearly displays vital account information, e.g., Free Balance, Stake, Total Pays, Balance, and Account Information.
  • The Menu Bar lists all tradable assets and the user’s open and closed trading positions.
  • The Make a Trade section is where uBinary traders execute their trades. This is done in three simple steps: Choose Asset, Choose the Trend (above or below), and Choose Investment Account.

Indeed, the platform is one of the most refreshing and distinguishing features of uBinary, making it stand out from the abundant binary options broker sites available. The trading environment is inspired and guided by the two principles of “simplicity” and “innovation” and this is both visible and evident and also extremely helpful, making trading easy and even fun for all, even the most inexperienced users.

Bonuses and Promotions

Another attractive feature of uBinary is that it updates its bonuses and promotional offers throughout the year, thus allowing both first time users and existing clients to take advantage of such opportunities and increase their returns. At present, the company is offering a 30% welcome bonus of up to $2,000 and an invite-a-friend bonus of $100 per friend.

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Trading Tools and Services

The people at uBinary come across as real professionals, who want to take care of their customers. We can see this in the fact that after opening an account, uBinary traders are immediately given access to real-time news feeds, daily reviews, and educational resources. We were also impressed with the company’s coaching service, through which all new traders—no matter what type of account they choose to open—are assigned a remote-access personal trading coach. Such personalized, tailor-made assistance seems to be unrivalled in the industry. The uBinary website, as well as the 24-hour help desk that the company offers, are both available in four languages, namely English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Perhaps this is another field with room for improvement, considering that the globalized market means interested clients come from across the globe, but language barriers are not anticipated to be a hindrance to trading through uBinary.


If you look beyond the absence of stocks in the company’s assets portfolio, uBinary emerges as a prime example of a fresh and original environment in which to trade binary options. The orderly and clean layout of their platform and the impressive array of many tools available for user support and guidance, render uBinary a broker company that appears to want to offer their clients the very best.


  1. Stay away from Ubinary, they are big SCAM artists. You will not get your money out until they have drained all your money from you. I dealt with Jim Olsen (Senior Account Manager), they will not give me my money back that I had in my account and I did not accept their bonus.

  2. Am yet to believe till now. Ubinary.com is a fake binary options but out of my stupid curiosity and their constant lure and disturbance, I fell prey to them. I deposited $400 to my trading account with the help of one Jessy who acted as my account manager. Am an experienced trader who can make money with binary options trading, (you can test me on that). All the while I placed trades in the platform as its coming to the trade expiry, the graph will just rush up to out of the money. This happened many times and I lost all my money with them. I imagined me losing my whole money in binary options trading for the first time.

    Today being 12th of November, 2013, I went to make a withdrawal of #110,000 ($694.88) from my local bank account, I realised that my account balance is lower to zero. Guess what? The so called Ubinary agents, made a withdrawal from my bank account because they helped me to deposit on my trading account. I gave them my visacard details to help me. This is a pure criminal act.
    I list below the problems I had with them till now:
    1. They called and called and called and lured me into depositing with them.
    2. Ever since the day I deposited with them, I received no call from them anymore.
    3. The so called account manager Jessy ordered me to placed a put trade on gold which he promised to insure if I lose. I lost the trade but he never insured. He refused calling, mailing or even signaling me in anyway at all.

    4. I strongly state that their charts and website is manipulated against the trader.

    They hire agents, who go to online forum to make good comments of them while its all lie.

    5. They duped me by using my credit card details with which they helped me deposit to debit from my local bank account without mandate.

    6. They never called me again after the deposit.

    7. Their website constantly hangs when you place trades especially 60seconds trading so that can’t monitor to double up before trade expires.

    8. I laid complaint more that 10 times, but they never replied. They called me more than 30times prior to my deposit. But after deposit, they didn’t call anymore. When I call them, they either ignore the call or leave it to a robot and/or even pick it without talking.

    In the name of the living God, the money they stole through my visacard is my last hope of investment so as to start up a living again. Am a student who is applying for an admission and its through the money that I should have raised up fund to help myself. I pray CySec to look into this case urgently and save me because my down. Am damned now. I never scam someone but this company ubinary.com has just killed me. It just remains stabbing or physical killing for me to die.

    Investigate into the matter instantly and help me.

    Please please please, help me recover my money from these thieves. I made no agreement with them to auto-charge my credit card. And even at that, the debited money from my local bank account never reflected on my trading account. Save me and save other people who would fall prey into their evil crawls.

  3. On the 8th May 2014 a senior financial analyst Owen Shriever contacted me and said he would help me get my money back that the previous guy from Ubinary traded on my account without my permission and lost my money when I was waiting to get paid out. I had to invest another $400 and he guarantees me he will triple it in 3 weeks even going so far as to tell me he will refund me if I lost. Well that is the last I heard of him as I said I wanted it in writing.