The Week Ahead for Binary Options Traders 10 – 14 November 2014


Following a mixed week that saw better than expected figures announced in the US, but a grim picture elsewhere, such as the EU, the week ahead promises to offer numerous opportunities for investing and profit making since it features several announcements and events that will cause high market volatility and will affect the trading prices of many assets that feature on the tradable lists of binary options brokers. Let us have a look at the most significant events and announcements to look out for in the week to come. For more detailed analysis on a daily basis concentrating on the hottest assets and their trading trends for the day, also consult our Binary Options Daily Market Review section, which has recently been re-launched.

Monday, 10th November

Having announced its Trade Balance result for October on Saturday, attention for Monday will be focused on China once again, not least because of its increasingly significant impact on the global markets. At 01:30 GMT the country will announce its Consumer Price Index, both YoY and MoM figures, while it will also publicize the Producer Price Index data and the People’s Bank of China will be announcing its new loans figures as well. All these announcements are expected to not only indicate what is in store in the Chinese economy, but will also affect the trading of the Chinese currency as well as affect trade and give rise to speculative attention. On other fronts, Canada will announce interesting figures for Housing Starts at 13:15 GMT, while just before midnight Japan will publicize Bank Lending and Trade Balance figures.

Tuesday, 11th November

Being a US, French and Canadian Bank Holiday attention today will once again turn east for market moving and shaping events. These will come from Japan again in the morning, through the release of data on the Consumer Confidence Index as well as Machine Tool Orders, which are a strong indicator for growth. The day’s highlight however will come from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) announcing its Financial Stability Report, as this will affect not only the local currency but the local economic activity and the whole region as well. The release of the data will be followed by a speech by the RBNZ Governor which might reveal the institution’s future plans and intentions.

Wednesday, 12th November

The day’s most significant event comes in the shape of Eurozone Industrial Production data being announced at 10:00 GMT and in case they reveal a weak industrial production, which they may very well do, will mean additional headaches for Mario Draghi and his colleagues at the ECB, who have recently unanimously agreed to start purchasing asset-backed securities.

Another significant event will come at lunchtime when the Bank of England releases its Quarterly Inflation Report, followed by a speech by Governor Mark Carney. As a result, the trading of the GBP and its pairings is likely to be highly affected.

Finally, at 15:00 GMT also have a look at the Wholesale Inventories data to be announced in the US as they will indicate how the wholesale markets are faring and how they are likely to influence other sectors of the economy.

Thursday, 13th November

A rather busy day, Thursday set off with the announcement in China of Chinese Industrial Production, Chinese Fixed Asset Investment and Chinese Retail Sales data, all of which might have significant repercussions. The day continues with a series of announcements of Consumer Price Index data in Germany, Italy and Spain to be followed by the European Central Bank publishing its monthly report that usually contains a detailed analysis of the prevailing economic situation and the risks to price stability. In the US, the day will hold announcements on Initial and Continuing Jobless Claims as well as the much anticipated Crude Oil Inventories figures at 17:00.

Friday, 14th November

The Euro-zone and the US will be centre of attention today as several announcements are expected. Gross Domestic Product figures will be released in France, Italy and Germany, followed by the publicizing by Eurostat of the Eurozone’s Preliminary Gross Domestic Product data as well as CPI figures. So a day full of challenges for the trading of the EUR.

Over in the US, several announcements will be made, but the most anticipated one will be the Retail Sales figures to be released at 13:30 GMT, as they are instrumental in revealing whether the FED’s optimism is reflected in the real economy as well, especially in terms of the retail sector.