Banc de Binary Expands it Language Support to include Italian and Japanese

Banc de Binary Support to include Italian and Japanese

Renowned binary options brokerage Banc de Binary has announced that it has fully implemented Italian and Japanese versions of its popular binary trading website. Both languages have been included as a response to the ever-growing popularity of binary options trading among Italian and Japanese traders

German, French and Arabic were the last languages to be added and the inclusion of both Japanese and Italian signal the company’s next target markets. The reasons for this are the aforementioned popularity of the product in both of these countries, as well as the fact that they are both relatively high income nations. Japan has been in binary options news recently as the largest emerging market at the present time.

Banc de Binary currently finds itself in the top five binary options brokers in the world and is understandably keen to ensure that it corners a piece of every emerging market before it gets too crowded. This has seen it go from supporting just English to having full support for all of Europe’s major languages as well as covering the Middle and now the Far East. The nest languages in it crosshairs, according to the interest registered for binary options from region to region, could be Russian and Portuguese.

Banc de Binary took a hit in the wake of the Cypriot bailout process but is at the moment rising back up to its former top spot. It is working on making significant inroads into the mobile trading market, as well as recruiting traders from other regions. I’s CEO Oren Laurent is said to be backing the island of Cyprus in these hard times and centring his business’s future on the troubled European island.

Banc de Binary runs the highly popular binary option trading platform offered by industry veteran SpotOption. This of course means that there are other brokers out there using the same platform. The similarities do however stop there. Banc de Binary, as the only regulated binary broker in the industry has had to invest significantly more in areas of its business like customer service and compliance, meaning its team is more knowledgeable and more amply staffed than those offered by other brokers in the industry.

These new language additions will allow it to properly capitalise on the boom binary options are experiencing in southern Europe and Japan respectively. Japan is particularly one to watch out for, it will be interesting to observe how the battle for dominance in this new fertile market heats up. Watch this space.