Best Online Charting Platforms


Online charting platforms offer you either real-time, or static data that relates to an array of different assets, without needing to install a program onto your computer or having a server feed from a broker. Traders use these platforms in order to gain a better understanding of the career of an asset they are interested in trading. This knowledge enables them to place educated trades.

Our four favorite free online charting platforms are as follows (that was a lot of Fs):

Firstly we have Google finance. Google finance offers real time line charts of all assets currently traded on the world’s markets. The great thing about Google finance is they offer a news feed stream, so when you are done looking at a stock or currency you are interested in trading you can also click through to the news feeds for that particular asset. This is an invaluable tool to further extend your fundamental analyses. Also with Google finance, unlike some of the other charting platforms out there, you can customize your portfolio page to reflect the assets you are interested in and whenever you go to it it will provide you with up to date information on that range of assets. Google finance is also a touch faster at updating than the other platforms, which is pretty nifty.

For indices and futures we recommend Forex pros ( This site also features stocks and Forex however we feel that their specialty really lies in data pertaining to indices and futures. Forex pros also offer real time charting. All of our recommended charting platforms offer candle stick charts and you can also change the charting parameters on this particular platform.

Stock charts is one of the simplest stock charting platforms out there. It is not for real-time charting so you would use this one for static or long-term charting purposes. For example you can bring up the last couple of years worth of data for an asset you are interested in so you can draw long term trend lines and all that good stuff.

Finally, free stock charts offers real-time chart data for Forex and stocks. They also list some indices and some commodities however we don’t really recommend you use this site for these instruments as they are considerably better for Forex and Stocks.