Daily Market Review: 8th October 2013


The US congress is finally back in session though not back to normality if the on-going arm-wrestling bout between republicans and democrats is anything to go by. The democrats are keen to blame republican intransigence as infantile and dangerous, given the possibility of a US default on debt obligations being on the table. Republicans in-turn have accused Obama of the same intransigence, quoting him as stating that he would much rather prefer to default than come to the table with his political foes. The war or words is having a pronounced effect on US equities, with the Dow, the S&P 500, and the Nasdaq all taking losses yesterday. This weeklong drop has investors worried, with many fingers now poised over the SELL button.  Just to put all this negative sentiment into context, the volatility index, also affectionately labelled the fear index, reached its highest point since June of 2013.

Buy Twitter is a message being hear loud and clear in equity trading circles, with many market analysts forecasting that it could as much as double its price. As if to confirm the influence that Twitter is having beyond its cyberspace domain, Neilson recently released a new metric to track the influence that Tweets are having on Television viewing figures. With the IPO yet to launch the positive momentum regarding this stock is reaching a fever pitch and it would be extremely surprising if it did not experience a tremendous opening day.

Blackberry is said to be in talks with Cisco Systems, Google and German software manufacturer SAP to sell all or parts of its business. The speculation surrounding the inordinate amount of interest that the company is receiving has a lot to do with the fact that Blackberry stocks are now low enough to represent a real opportunity for anyone with the cash to invest in the ailing mobile phone manufacturer.

Trades of the Day: Binary traders are advised to sit tight on their existing EUR/USD positions and to await before taking any new positions the pair is likely to range for a while before its fundamental trend is re-established. Binary trader with access to Blackberry stocks are advised to CALL on the longer durations and the race should be on to find the first binary broker to be adding Twitter (TWTR) to their roster of equities.