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NRG Binary
This broker received a lot of negative reviews from our users. We do not recommend this broker anymore. Finding Top Binary Options Brokers is really easy with, All what you have to do is to check our Binary Options Brokers Comparison Table which will make it easier for you to know which is the most suitable binary option broker for you.
A relative new comer on the binary options scene, since they started operating in 2012, NRG Binary trade under the motto “The power of the binary.” This is a fitting slogan since the trading experience with this Cyprus based brokerage firm is indeed empowering. NRG Binary claims to be offering a user-friendly and safe environment for their clients to trade in and put at your disposal both their innovative technology and the experience of their staff. Real time trading with an array of options to choose from and a professional, multi-faceted customer support renders NRG Binary, a solid option for online binary options trading, by all accounts and measures.

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The Assets

To our view, one of the strongest features of NRG binary is the very comprehensive list of tradable assets that they offer to their customers. We have also noted that the list keeps expanding offering even more opportunities as time goes by. NRG binary offers, at the time, 13 currency pairs, including popular pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, as well as less common ones such as USD/TRY. Moreover, it includes 7 tradable commodities, with gold, platinum, silver, sweet crude oil and coffee all featuring on the list amongst others. NRG binary also has available for trading 19 indices and 20 stocks from across the globe, an extensive menu catering for all preferences that the potential customer might have.

The Platform

The platform used by NRG Binary is provided by SpotOption and it comes pack and parcel with an attractive design as well as a secure environment in which to perform transactions.
The NRG Binary brokerage puts out at the disposal of clients a varied selection of trading features. Besides the standard Up/Down options, where customers can trade binary options in the traditional Call Put method, NRG Binary also offer an Option Builder, One Touch binary options trading and a 60 Second binary options trading alternative. At the same time, they have a Pro Trading screen and an Open Platform. A distinguishing advantage of NRG Binary is that they also offer a mobile application who those who prefer trading on the go, anytime, anywhere via their mobile phone.

NRGbinary One Touch platform
One Touch platform


NRGbinary Option Builder platform
Option Builder platform

In line with their aim to cater for the needs and preferences of all potential customers, amateurs and pros, those with just a few funds to invest but also those with the “big wallets”, NRG Binary offer different account types depending on the amount of funds that each client is prepared to commit when opening an account with them. Obviously, the higher the amount the more the perks attributed to each customer. If one deposits a high enough amount to merit a Premium or VIP account then the company has a special treatment for them, with VIP account holders being assigned a personal account manager by NRG Binary.
The company has set the minimum investment at $25 and the minimum deposit at $250. Promising high returns in general, they also boast the highest possible return in the industry with a whopping 550% when someone uses the One Touch option, which however comes at a higher risk. On the whole, NRG enjoys a good reputation in terms of execution and withdrawals and trading with NRG Binary is possible via Credit Cards (including Mastercard, American Express and Maestro), Western Union and Wire Transfer.

Trading Tools and Customer Support

Although opening an account to trade with NRG Binary is a relatively straightforward process, the professionals behind this brokerage firm have gone to great lengths to assist all their potential clients to be able to trade simply, safely and successfully. This is why they have put at our disposal video courses, a free interactive flipping book, a handy and informative glossary of useful trading terms and a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (and the answers to them, of course!). Moreover, the site is already translated into Arabic, Russian, German, Japanese, Italian and French and more languages will be added in the future. Although, this is very useful for non-English speaking clients, NRG Binary also provides a very prompt and extremely responsive customer support service, with NRG staff ready to assist via telephone, e-mail, online chat and even via a Skype session.


A vast array of tradable assets, a professionally designed platform with various trading options available and the reliable customer support network are all huge advantages for NRG Binary. The company could improve certain aspects such as updating their market data in their reviews more regularly, but they overall rank high in our review because they do provide a user-friendly, dynamic and safe environment for customers to trade in and, for those bold enough to take the risk, the highest return in the industry with up to 550% when someone uses the One Touch platform.

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  1. Score rating of NRG Binary at your website seems opposite to reality….. I am waiting for withdrawal of 10% of my funds with NRG since last 4 months which have not materialised ……….. Further, my account holding 48000 $ has been invalidated with no login/no trading record ….. Though NRG business manager emailed me more than a month ago about holding the inquiry and settling my issue ….but no further communication has been made by NRG or its representative since 22 May 2014 (one and a half month ago)….

  2. I have invested some money with NRGbinary also, only to realize that it is a clever SCAM. I feel so foolish, it all started from an email I recieved, I clicked on this attractive email and a video appears with a man claiming to be Walter Green, which offers to make you a millionaire within 3 months using his free money system he called it, I followed the directions and registered, someone then contacted me by phone and convinced me to invest some money, I first invested $700 and then a day later when they rang me again he told me that if I was to invest a further $1000 that NRGbinary would contribute a further $1300 as to hook me up on there Delux account because I would recieve much more support if I registered on the Delux account he said, I accepted that option and waited patiently on the phone, but instead of the original person whom I was speaking to, someone else finally answered me and told me that the first guy got it wrong, that they would only contribute $1000 rather $1300 and that if I still want to recieve the Delux account that I would further have to invest another $300 or I would have to settle for the Standard account that has now $2700, that being $1700 that I have invested and $1000 being there contribution(as a bonus). I then realized that something was wrong and simply told them that I had no more money, that I was a disabled man on a Disability support pension and that the money I had invested in NRGbinary up to this point was from my credit card and it was now empty, he accepted that answer and told me that someone would call me the following day to start, which someone did, mind you, a diffirent person yet again which tried to convince me to invest the remaining $300 as to hook me up with the Delux account, I insisted that I have no more money and then he told me that he would ring back in 10 minutes, I’m still waiting and have sent countless messages to customer support, plus I have been ringing the number that appeard on my mobile phone when they rang me last, which always answers with a recording message with options and regardless which option I chose it never directs me to anyone, always unanswered either way I try to contact them, always. Since then I have tried to withdraw the money myself and am still waiting for this $1700 to appear in my credit card account, need I tell you how long, I’m embarased to say the least that I have been fooled out of this money for nothing but a site that I can log into that has $2700 visible every time I log into it and yet I can do nothing with it. I suppose I could try and trade with the money that is in my account on NRGbinary, but I’m afraid that if I do and lose the money with my lack of experience, that they may later say that it is my own fault for not waiting for them to get back to me, but to be honest it looks as though they will never get back to me as it seems like it’s been forever as it is. I’ve brought this to the attention of my bank and made sure that they could not withdraw any more money by closing the account and they have told me that they would investigate it, although we have arranged that the account would recieve money but not withdraw, just in case by some miracle they decide to allow my request of withdrawl to go through, but I’m not holding my breath, I believe I have been SCAMMED. I don’t know what else to do, life is hard on a Disability support pension and for me to pay back $1700 to my bank is going to take forever, which means now my life will be even more difficult. NRGbinary in short is a BAD INVESTMENT and although I may not ever see that money again, I can inform the world as best I can as to what has happened to me, in the hope that they do not take advantage of any more people who are simply trying to get ahead in life. VULTURES THAT FEED ON THE VULNERABLE CARCASES is an understatement as to how these people at NRGbinary have behaved, BEWARE NRGbinary in my view is simply a SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

  3. I try many time to withdraw my money with them. Each time they change it to cancel. Their site says they send a message when we ask for a withdraw and another one when the withdraw is done. I never receive a mail for it.

    Their chat always end upon the support side and they don’t answer our mails.

    I am starting to think they are going to close the site & keep our money. In that case, it will be a huge scam company I still hope I am wrong.

  4. I have 10 000.00 pound in the account with NRG, it is all my money, no bonus involved. I have requested a withdrawal of 5000.00. 2 weeks ago. There is no response. the account manager rings me once a week and wants to do more trades etc, always “big opportunities we can’t miss” etc; but refuses to process the withdrawal. It does not appear to be above board. Hard to see how they can get any score on their withdrawal rating.