Pro Binary Signals Review

Pro Binary Signals Service Review

Pro Binary Signals, is a “typical” binary signals service, sending out signals, which are generated not through any sort of complicated software, but from actual human beings, who are, according to the claims on their site, experienced hedge fund expert traders. Therefore, the signals sent out by this service are based solely on human analysis.

The signals obtained through subscribing to this service can be used on any of the binary options platforms available on line can be implemented on the traditional Call/Put binary options trading. A comment we feel we should make is that this signals provider appears particularly keen to direct traffic to specific binary options brokerages and this is why they urge their customers to sign up with such brokers, through a persistent pop up window on their site. Another downside is that the site contains several spelling mistakes, which reveal a degree of sloppiness in its making. However, on the whole we feel that subscribing to Pro Binary Signals could mean an improvement in your returns, so let’s have a closer look at this binary signals provider.

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Asset Types

The Pro Binary Signals service claims to be offering signals for a wide variety of assets, covering all the assets types, i.e. currency pairs, commodities, indices and the stocks of major companies worldwide. However, we cannot safely discern this is entirely true, since it appears, from checking out the past performance results provided on the site, that most signals concern primarily currency pairs, such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF, and some of the most popular commodities, such as gold and oil.

Signals and their delivery

On average, subscribers to this binary signals service can expect to receive three to five signals per day on a variety of assets. Each notification typically contains the asset to be traded, the date of the trade, the expiry time and well as the trade direction, i.e. Call or Put. The obvious element missing here, which could be argued to be another weakness of this binary signals provider is the absence of an entry price being quoted, which makes it more difficult for a trader to discern if a trade will end being truly successful, especially if they are not able to place it immediately. Another point to highlight is that most of the expiry dates given tend to be long, on average a week in duration. This could be positive since it leaves room for more detailed analysis away from market noise and the perils of asset speculation, but at the same time it means that a trader has resources tied up for a longer period, which might mean that he/she might not be able to place trades on other opportunities that might come along, since the frequency of the signals is high.

Signals can be delivered either by test message on the mobile phone number provided by the subscriber (making sure to include the correct country code), or by push notifications, if the customer is an iPhone user. Sms signals are very efficient since they allow traders to be able to act on a signal very promptly and therefore not miss out on any opportunity to place a successful trade.

However, signals can also be sent to traders via email, although we should point out that to maximize the benefits traders should ensure that they will have continuous access to their email account.

Service Cost

You can obtain the signals provided by Pro Binary Signals for free if you choose to open an account with one of the recommended brokers listed on the site, as long as you keep your trading account sufficiently funded and active.

Alternatively, if you choose to keep your current trading account you can opt for the paid subscription to this service which is offered at an initial cost of $9.99 for a 7-day trial period, followed by a monthly subscription fee of $99, if you wish to continue using the service.

Payments for this binary signals service can be carried out through Western Union, the Clickbank payment system and all major credit cards, as well as via PayPal.

Customer Support

Customer Support for users typically comes through contacting the Pro Binary Signals support team vie email or through using the live chat facility which is provided for on the website. Anyone wishing to contact the Pro Binary Signals team can do so by email.

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This binary signals provider offers its customers not just signals, but also some useful money management tips delivered directly to their inbox.

Of course, the decisive factor determining whether Pro Binary Signals is a service which is worth the fee it charges, is its actual profitability, i.e. if it indeed generates signals that make your trades end up in the money and thus increase your earnings. We will take the claims put forward on the site regarding the past performance and success rate of their signals with a pinch of salt. Actually, we are not convinced that rewards are indeed as high as it is claimed (an impressive strike rate of 85%). However, we can relatively safely argue that this binary signals service can indeed help you improve your trading record and performance of your investments, especially if you have the time and capital available to wait out for the longer expiry dates. The small fee for a weekly trial is an added plus and we recommend that you try this service out in order to judge for yourselves whether it actually fits your trading style and needs.