Response to the Philip Masters Binary Options Scam Series


Good morning Philip Masters.

I’m current reading your 8 series article on The Great Binary Options Scam Series and the true scam that they are. I learned about them by clicking on a hyperlink which I had repeatedly seen to Torrents. Before this I had never heard of Binary Options. To cut to the chase, 1 week later I found out what an absolute scam these options were. OMG! How the hell were people getting sucked into this; a little thing called ‘due diligence’. They never did any!

I found a lot of the sharks were peddling their crap on YouTube. What I’ve done is I’ve posted the following on every Binary Options video on YouTube I can find, and will continue daily for the rest of the year.

Here is the article I wrote:

I started researching Binary Options Trading about 1 week ago, having never heard of them and never experienced online trading. I did solid research, spending a lot of time on the BDB web site going through the education, and learning as much as I could about TA. I then found IQ Option and opened up a demo trading account. Based on my TA testing I found that consistently, using Bollinger Bands alone, I could make anywhere from $5000-$10000/day. My ITM strike rate was between 93.3% and 100%. If you’re prepared to sit there for several hours this is possible. My head started spinning thinking about how much money I could make. Then I did something interesting. I entered a search into Google; ‘Do banks use binary options’. The journey I began blew the absolute lid off Binary Options Trading forever. Binary Options are nothing but a legitimate scam to take your money. The testimonials I was reading were truly jaw dropping at the amount of money people had lost. Anyone can win money with Binary Options Trading; try getting it out. Don’t take my word for it, there is a huge list of links you need to follow and read. Trust me; you will lose your money. Regulation with Binary Options Trading means absolutely nothing. The awards that these Binary Options companies have won mean nothing.

There are several websites which blew the lid on all the ‘so-called’ leaders in the Binary Options Trading industry; there is no industry. These guys will rip you blind. With those sites just click on the broker logo which will take you to their website with a bogus review. Persist until the end and then start reading the replies by clients who used the Binary Options trading web site/platform; it will blow your mind.

After completing my ‘due diligence’ I can say that Binary Options are one of the biggest, unregulated, and financially destroying scams on the Internet today. They will deplete your bank account in no time. Use all the resources on the Internet to research Binary Options and the scam that it is; an extra couple of days researching could save you thousands.

I would love to help you out on any research with Binary Options and the absolute scam that they are. I will write articles, blogs, testimonials, anything to get people to not invest in Binary Options. How do we get at the so called ‘regulation’ to shut these brokers down? I feel like flying out to Cyprus and firebombing their offices.

Loved reading your article, and hope you succeed on your Binary Options crusade; get those bastards.