What are the current top world markets for Binary Options?

top world markets for Binary Options

As binary options trading, in the form of online retail investment, is becoming all the more popular by the day, it is not only important and interesting to keep searching for the top binary options brokers. Another factor that is worth considering are the world binary options markets themselves, as local and regional variations may hold unexplored opportunities and potential for traders. In any case, knowing which the top markets globally in terms of binary options trading are, is a piece of information that we feel is significant both for existing, as well as for aspiring binary options traders.

Therefore, we rolled up our sleeves, jotted down various contributing factors to consider, such as the overall sentiment and hype that each country appears to generate on the subject matter, which is however a fairly subjective criterion, but also other more objective and measurable ones, such as advertising strength on Google and binary options keyword counts, and have managed to conjure up a list of countries which we consider make up the world’s top binary options market.

Perhaps not surprisingly the country topping our list is the great United States of America. Ever since binary options became an established and accepted investment vehicle all the major brokers in the industry have tried very hard to attract the attention and custom of the American investors. Naturally, therefore, internet sites and articles focusing on the link between the binary options industry and the United States occupy very high ranking positions in Google searches.  By the sheer volume of online content that talks about binary options related matters and the US, one can easily discern that the current top binary options market in the world is the United States.

Occupying the second position on our list is the United Kingdom, a country where the financial services sector in general and the binary options industry in particular are thriving and are in a constant rise. Indeed, the UK is the base for great numbers of binary options brokers, while others keep their main satellite offices on UK soil. Based on what we can gather from online advertising and other content, the binary options industry in the UK is huge as well as hugely popular and shows no signs of retracting, rightly earning the second place on our list.

Rather surprisingly research indicates that the number three position on our list should be allocated to…Brazil!. This is not a result we had anticipated but it is validated by the big amounts of money that brokers seem to be pouring into attracting Brazilian traffic. Moreover, an ever increasing number of brokers choose to add Portuguese in the languages that their platforms are offered in and also hire Portuguese speaking as well as actual Brazilian nationals to staff their support and customer service teams. We have even come across brokers that focus exclusively on Brazilian traffic.  Latin America as a region appears to be gaining increased significance in the global binary options scene and thanks to its market size Brazil is the biggest market in the region and the third in the world.

The fourth and fifth positions on the list are occupied by two European countries, France and Germany respectively. The main reason for ranking these two countries so high on the list is the undeniable fact that French-speaking as well as German-speaking traders are much sought after by brokers, with most of the brokerages translating their sites and platforms into French and German and hiring French-speaking and German-speaking employees to staff their teams.

Although a relatively slow starter on the global binary options scene, Canada emerges as the sixth biggest market, backed by the fact that the great number of potential traders based in Canada has attracted the attention and focus of brokers who have sites that are specifically designed for Canadians and offering Canadians special offers and promotions.

Moving further down on the map we find the country that ranks seventh of the list, which is Mexico. It ranks high due to its large population that holds a great number of potential binary options traders and the increasing number of brokers offering sites and platforms translated into Spanish and hiring Spanish speaking support staff. Although this is not necessarily linked to Mexico at first sight, Mexico ranks high if we also take into account the general trend in the global binary options market which is pushing hard to achieve an even greater penetration into the Latin American markets.

We decided to award the eighth place on the list to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region in general. Countries of the Arab world are home to many potential binary options investors and the only reason they are not ranked even higher is that translating the websites and platforms into Arabic and hiring Arabic speaking staff is perhaps a slightly more complex procedure that requires a longer period of time to accomplish. Still, because serious progress has already been made on this front, the region comfortably ranks in the top ten list.

Moving down under, we find Australia holding position number nine on the list, since the local population has been targeted by many binary options brokers, through dedicated marketing campaigns, while the local market shows signs of being health and solid and holding much potential for further expansion. Another indicator for awarding Australia a high position of the list is the fact that the Australian dollar is now accepted by many brokers as a deposit currency.

Chile occupies the tenth position on the top ten list of world markets for binary options. Behind Brazil, Chile in fact the second most sought after market in South America, and brokers are trying to attract the attention of the modern Chilean society which is more than willing to engage with the financial world through binary options trading.

Obviously the list presented above is by no means exhaustive and some may argue that it is hard to prove in a bulletproof manner that is completely accurate. However, we believe that it can reliably serve as a good indicator pointing to the regions where currently binary options trading is very popular in. We will try to amend, supplement and adjust the list whenever the need arises, since the financial services world and especially the binary options global market is as volatile as ever and developments keep occurring in it at a fast pace.

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