TradeRush Continues to Innovate

TradeRush Binary Options Platform

TradeRush earned their place in the binary options history books by introducing the 60 second trade, which has now taken the industry by storm. Since introducing this new type of trade the company has continued to innovate, regularly updating their platform to reflect and respond to all the changes taking place within the industry. The latest addition to the TradeRush experience is a collection of new assets that will further extend the ability of their traders to properly capitalise on all the global developments affecting the markets. The newest additions to the TradeRush platform are the following stocks: Boeing, Starbucks, VIX, Blackberry and BMW, the following indices: Hang Sang Future and Nikkei. Finally Trade Rush have also introduced the EUR/AUD currency pair to their platform. These new assets can all be traded on the standard Option Pro platform, as well as on 60 Seconds, Option Builder, or One Touch.

Going forward TradeRush intends to continue being an innovator in the binary options industry, ensuring that whatever is taking place in the wider markets is reflected on their own binary options trading platform. The big question for many traders now is whether TradeRush will be adding Bitcoin to its already extensive asset list.

If you have no idea what Bitcoin we covered it earlier this year and you can read all about it here. Essentially Bitcoin is a digital currency that is completely decentralised, each transaction relying on the aggregated processing power of the Bitcoin community in order to be verified as legitimate, the same goes for the creation of new Bitcoin units, which are “mined” by users’ computers by performing complex transactions for the community. Recently with things going from bad to worse in the global economy there has been a massive upsurge of interest in Bitcoin.

As yet nothing concrete has been done to bring Bitcoin to TradeRush’s platform, however the company has been hinting that something may be brewing. If any binary broker is to bring Bitcoin to the mass retail audience then take it from us, Trade Rush will definitely be the one to do it. This will be in the form of a new pair that features Bitcoin against another major currency like EUR or USD.

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