Innovative Platform-Based Binary Options Charts launched by Tradologic


One of the reasons that Tradologic has managed to become one of the leading binary options platform providers and consolidate its market position, winning many awards and even more clients and partners, is the firm’s unending commitment to improve its offering and especially do that through ground-breaking innovations.

Consistent with this outlook, Tradologic white labels are now given the opportunity to incorporate into their platforms the platform-based Advinion charts, since Tradologic makes it possible for them to be embedded directly on each white label’s website.

This development signifies that traders will no longer need to resort to other, separate websites for chart analyses purposes. Indeed, as pointed out by Gil Erez, Tradologic’s Chief Business Development Officer: “The new platform-based Advinion charts are a great convenience for end users and already mark a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction”.

The Advinion Charts, how offered by Tradologic to all its existing as well as future clients are a powerful technical-analysis tool, technologically advanced and purposely built, which greatly aids and enhances the trading experience of all binary options traders. The Advinion Charts tool is packed with setting and added features and also allows all its users a very high degree of personalization, since by making use of the widget they can easily add indicators, draw lines and shapes and style their financial charts how they like to make it more convenient for them to closely monitor the action and place the right trade at the right time.

Surely this integration solution, offered through embedding a chart analysis software application into what is already one of the most reliable and versatile binary options platform speaks volumes about Tradologic’s commitment to offering and delivering both an outstanding trading experience, as well as optimized user value.