FxPro: More recognition and more innovation


Soon after announcing the acquisition of Spot FX aggregator Quotix, the FxPro Group Ltd has received more recognition for its high level of services, since its new FX investment platform FxPro SuperTrader, received the Best Forex Product of the Year Award at the 2014 UK Forex Award ceremony, which was held in London.

Commenting on this new success, the CEO of FxPro Charalambos Psimolophitis pointed out that “Building and optimising FxPro SuperTrader has been an exciting challenge for us and we are delighted to see it recognised as Best Forex Product of the Year and the 2014 UK Forex Awards. With a dedicated Quant Analyst and Portfolio Management team of 14 people who constantly monitor and fine tune the strategies on the platform, we aim to make it even better by adding more strategies to enable further diversification.”

On behalf of the event’s organisers, Michael Boydell, the Managing Director at MSM Media Ltd commented that:  “For the second year running FxPro has deservedly won Best Forex Product of the Year and this time for their ground breaking FX investment platform FxPro SuperTrader. This is a remarkable platform that really sets FxPro apart from the competition, allowing traders and investors alike to diversify into the FX markets by allocating funds to a range of performance rated strategies. It’s little wonder the FX trader and private investment community has resoundingly voted for FxPro SuperTrader.”

Moreover, and within the framework of constantly enhancing and upgrading their offering to their clients, FxPro also announced that it has added on its web platform the ability which allows traders to obtain real time risk statistics, which however are available only for real accounts and not on demo accounts, who which only trading statistics can be obtained.

The addition of this new feature is identified as part of FxPro’s upgraded MT4 WebTrader platform and its main aim is to assist forex traders to manage risk more effectively.

The details of the kind of information provided through this new feature are as follows:

  • Intraday, 7 days, 30 days and since started durations: You can view the real time % performance of your trading account at all of the above time frames.
  • Actual leverage: This is the amount of leverage you are currently employing. The number appears in red as a warning when your account is being over-leveraged.
  • Max DD: This is the maximum % drop in equity that your account has undergone. It can be viewed at all of the durations listed above.
  • Risk Adjusted Return: This metric provides you a measure of how much risk your account is taking on relative to the returns it has been able to secure.
  • Open Positions: This is the combined value of all the positions you currently have open.

In addition to this information FxPro also gives a comprehensive view of trading statistics including the total number of trades as well as the break down in the numbers of winning, losing and break-even trades, winning and losing %, Total Net P/L, the sum of your winning and losing trades, average win and loss per trade and profit factor.