FxPro makes strategy builder available in Russian

FxPro Financial Services Ltd

FxPro one of the longest established and popular forex brokers, which prides itself of its innovative and pioneering nature and ability to offer cutting-edge technological solutions and tools to enhance the trading experience of its traders has just announced that it is making the FxPro Quant, its visual strategy builder, available in the Russian language, in an obvious move to better target and serve the large and potentially lucrative client base of Russian speaking customers.

The Russian market is appealing to brokers and managing to successfully enter it and increase their Russian – speaking clientele holds considerable promise. Therefore, by making FxPro Quant available in Russian, FXPro puts at the disposal of Russian speaking traders an innovative and powerful tool and allows them to fully enjoy its multiple benefits.

The FXPro Quant virtual strategy builder is completely free and offered to all registered clients of FXPro. It is completely web-based and thus requires no downloads, while it stands out from the rest of the strategy building tools due to its ease of use, which does not pre-suppose the use of a coding language. Without any programmer skills, a trader can use the Quant interface in order to connect logical operators, mathematical functions and technical indicators in a visual way, thus allowing the building of complex relationships between these nodes in order to accurately formalise one’s trading strategy.

Used in either the MetaTrader 4 or the cTrader, the Quant allows traders to create their ownEAs and cBots that trade according to the rules set by the trader. Such sets of trading instructions can be installed on a trading platform and are able to open and close positions without an input by the trader. Moreover, they can be programmed to monitor the market for specific conditions and act in pre-defined ways when these conditions arise.