FXPro receives award, enhances its offering

FxPro Wins Best Forex Trading Platform

Popular and successful forex broker FXPro prides itself of enabling its clients to achieve more profitability and claims to be aligning its interests with theirs. Moreover, it aims to be at the forefront when it comes to the provision of FX solutions for institutional as well as retail customers alike, in all the 150 countries it serves through its advance trading platforms and algorithmic tools. This customer-centric approach has already earned FXPro multiple awards and another one was recently added to the list, since for the second consecutive year FXPro won the Best FX Service Provider award at the prestigious City of London Wealth Management Awards (COLWMA).

Commenting on this recognition by the broker’s clients, FXPro’s CEO Charalambos Psimolofitis said that: “FxPro remains dedicated to providing the best products and service for FX traders and investors around the world. We have worked very hard to not only build a global brand that is widely recognised and trusted, but a company that protects and safeguards our clients even in the most volatile of times.  We are delighted to have won at the COLWMA once again,” while the Managing Director at Goodacre, Stephen Pinner, pointed out that “Following a volatile start to the year for both itself and its clients, FxPro has justifiably been voted as Best FX Service Provider for the second year running by the investing public.  Their innovative and client centric approach making FX an investable asset class has obviously made them stand out from their peers.”

The reference to increased volatility in both the statements points to a number of seismic events, such as the Swiss National Bank’s removal of the Swiss Franc peg against the euro, which have recently had profound effects on the FX industry. Despite such events however, FXPro can boast that it has managed to honour its  Negative Balance Protection policy, while it has also continued to develop, enhance and expand its product offering and implementing improvements to the trading conditions for its clients. A recent example of this is the launching of the MetaTrader5 platform, which, inter alia, also features a number of updates to its predecessor, including: more timeframes, drawing tools, buy and sell stop limit orders, tick chart trading and full market depth.

Yet another example of FXPro’s commitment to providing cutting-edge services is also the very recent launching of an iOS application for mobile trading on its award-winning investment platform SuperTrader. Operating since October 2013, but only  available as a web-based platform until a few days ago, the FXPro Super Trader epitomizes all the benefits of forex social trading and algorithms, since it was developed by quants, code writers, portfolio managers and professional traders in order to allow investors to allocate funds to the algorithmic trading strategies of industry professionals.

The FxPro SuperTrader stands out from other social trading platforms because it has a very strict admission procedure for signal providers and because it is only open to actual traders, since a live account is required in order to be able to use it.

Since the SuperTrader was very well received FXPro has now launched it as a dedicated application for iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, compatible with any such device that runs on iOS 7.0 version or newer. The mobile application was developed in such a way as to bring traders who trade on the go as close as possible to the experience that the genuine FxPro SuperTrader offers and this is why it is packed with all sorts of useful tools, metrics, graphs and other possibilities that greatly enhance the trading experience of any user.